I keep having flashbacks to the fire.

Jeffery says this is what he really wants.


Is that your first name or your last name?

He admitted that he wanted to escape from here.

The detective took down his oral testimony on the spot.


Our car is rather old, but so is theirs.


Jaime is caught up in the moment.

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"I have no idea," Part said honestly.

The risk is small.

What makes you think I won't be able to do it?

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Traveling was much more difficult in those days.

Ali learnt the Persian language to be able to read the The Mathnawi of Jalaluddin Rumi in original text.

We went back down into the cellar.

Attendance had been falling off and such people as did come sat about indifferently.

I thought you'd be busy cleaning your house.

Not all species of spiders are poisonous.

Don't have me on!

She is throwing away the old newspapers.

I can tell you the reason at full length.

He asked for my advice.

Fletcher hasn't apologized.

My friends pushed me to write a memoir.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Aimee told me he used to be rich.

I'm a winner!


And I'm sure I know what caused it.

Vishal's mother died just one week before Sherri graduated from college.

We know you're there.

Helen still looks sleepy.

What is it that having one voice becomes four-legged and two-legged and three-legged?

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This key doesn't work in this lock.


A girl with blonde hair came to see you.

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I have gone astray somewhere in my calculation.

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Winnie forgot the keys on the table.

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You haven't seen my cat?

I'd never do that with him.

Van made a funny face.

Our boss wants us to maintain a calls log.

All these things serve to add to our happiness.


If there are any cancellations, just call.

Have you ever seen this?

Where in Mexico are you guys going?

Do you think you can solve these puzzles?

Would you like to play a game?

You should be true to your friends.

It is dangerous to jump into a moving train.

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Miltos threw Klaus's letter into the fire.

I'm glad she liked him.

We make just enough to get by.


It's not that cold.

I had toxemia during my pregnancy.

His analysis of the causes of the uprising was correct.

Marty tried to hide his pain.

I was locked out of my house.

I'll open the curtain for you to look out.

Miles doesn't look troubled at all.


That'll last.

I shall keep on painting until the sun sets.

Christophe and Alexis both should know better.

Lorenzo is a promising student.

Who was sent to save the princess?

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The Milky Way is huge.


We buy stationery in bulk.

Esperanto has no exceptions.

I know a good divorce lawyer if you need one.

He's intelligent.

Have some enthusiasm for your job.


I am sure of his honesty.


He is similar to his father.

Bruce broke up with Annard last week.

I wrote the answers carefully.


Every animal cares for its nest.


Can't we talk about this later?

I want him to like you.

Clifford didn't notice Ravindran leave.

I wouldn't spend my life here.

She got fat.

The soft blanket is fit for a baby.

The mandatory character of schooling is rarely analyzed in the multitude of works dedicated to the study of the various ways to develop within children the desire to learn.

It was unhealthy.

Why did you make such a mistake?

It's just something I've been thinking about.

"Is that okay?" "No, it's not okay."

Life is by no means a series of failures.

That song reminds me of my childhood.

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I didn't know Metin didn't understand French.

I was unarmed.

I want to go to the movies.

It's time to stop.

You have no clue what you are doing, do you?

Jesus Christ is my Savior.

His eyes went to and fro.

Alain is impulsive.

There have been no reports of casualties.

His father had asked the question the year he was fourteen.

The discussion was being cancelled.

This is one you can't win, Pravin.

I think she probably just thinks of herself as one of the boys.

I'm an archaeologist.

The blade of my knife is very keen.

Don't touch the wet paint.

Come to think of it, I promised to see him at five.

He spent the night lying on the grass, looking at the stars.

I'd better go look for him.


Aimee will return home at three o'clock.

A black panther can be a jaguar or leopard, but in either case it has a gene that causes it to produce more melanin than other specimens.

He went so far as to call me a fool.


Tyler knows better than to argue with Seymour.


When I grow up, I want to be a king.

Delbert left soon after we got here.

Did you buy fresh orange juice or frozen orange juice?

Tell me again.

I'm not going to leave until I find out what happened.

Your exam today will be very significant for your future.

We have changed.


I've been waiting for years.

They saw their former employer at a conference.

Although this sentence has no grammatical mistakes, I think it would practically never be used.

Amy shot himself in the head.

He didn't try to answer her back.


Lorenzo is a photographer.


I'll write to you when I have time.

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Do that for me, my son, delay no more, nor mention Troy again.

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Ira sings beautifully.

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Kolkka is looking more and more like his father every day.

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She lives in a small town in the interior.

Jared will be the designated driver this time.

Ravindranath did nothing illegal.

What brings you to Boston?

It looks like we're running out of water.

John called for the waiter in a loud voice.

He said in earnest that he would quit the company.

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Malaclypse hasn't gotten his driver's license yet.

Isn't that the Golden Gate Bridge?

What does what happened last night have to do with what's happening today?

Who won the Superbowl?

We've come to pay our respects.

It's been a long time since I've heard the word "baby bottle".

Would it be possible for us to talk to Dimetry?

Where are the giraffes?

I don't give a damn about you and your circumstances!

All is still.

The journey to China was strenuous, so I'm rather tired.

I went to the park last Saturday.

I wash my car once a week.

I haven't decided on it yet.

The fingerprints left on the weapon correspond with the suspect's.

Which cup do you see?

I don't like that dress.


You aren't leaving Japan for good, are you?

Keisuke is taller than I.

Are we human because we stare at the stars or do we stare at the stars because we are human?

The author shows a great talent in the creation of his characters.

Would you tell me why you have refused their offer?

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Something tells me that you're hiding something.

His jokes amused me.

Hand me a tissue.

I read my horoscope today.

Qawwals sing qawwalis.

These shoes are way too small for me.

What do you think of this hat?


He went to the school.

Our teacher seldom laughs.

I'm having dinner with some friends this evening.